Seahawks Nail Art

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Its casual Friday and as every week, I’m dressed up in Seattle Seahawks gear and talking about the upcoming game at the water cooler at work. This week, I got a wild hair and decided to try some Seahawks nail art. Check it out:

Seahawks nail art

I’m feeling like I’m getting better at this nail art thing. I bought a nail polish pen last night to help make lines cleaner than I can with a brush and then followed the tutorial below. Here’s how it looked as I created it and I posted a link for the video below as well:

photo 3

Click on the photo below for the link with a step by step video:

Seahawks nail art

Finally, here is some way cooler Hawks nail art for those of you out there aspiring to be great!




Happy Friday!


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I’m a born and raised Seattle gal and love to read, travel, listen to bad pop music, do crafts that don’t make me feel inept, watch TV, and partake in just the right amount of celebrity gossip. I live with my husband and two crazy Siamese cats and I’m always down to try something new and I love telling everyone all about it. I’ve been a make-up artist, an esthetician, barista, and water heater expert in past lives and now I work at a technology company as an account manager. Life has lots of twists and turns but I believe that you take the good with the bad and enjoy the ride the best you can.